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Carpet Replacement

Finding the best carpet for your home starts out simple and can quickly become complicated. You know you want something that will look good in your home, feel great, and most importantly, stay that way for years to come. So you go to the local carpet store or home center and that’s when it gets complicated.

Unlike shopping for cars or clothes, a lot of different carpet styles look very similar, yet prices vary and there’s a reason for that. The fiber that is used to make the yarn that is then made into carpet is where the difference starts. How that fiber is made into yarn is the second determining factor and how it is then tufted (sewn) into carpet is the next key difference.

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More than 90 percent of today’s carpet is made of synthetic fiber-nylon, polyester, triexta, or polypropylene. While each fiber has somewhat different characteristics, they are all made basically the same way. (This also includes carpets made from “Natural” fibers, such as wool.)

How well the carpet will perform depends on how well the yarn is made and how densely the carpet is tufted. Carolina Flooring makes selecting your carpet easy. Carolina Flooring takes the hassle out of shopping for new floors by bringing our selection to you.

Our Process

Carolina Flooring offers an all inclusive pricing strategy. This means we will come out and quote you a price on an installed basis. (turn key job) No additional charges, No Gimmicks!

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