Carpets, Hickory, NC

You’ll be amazed at the innovations in carpets these days that will make it easy to get great results for your Hickory home.

Carpets in Hickory, North Carolina

One of the things that many people do not realize is that there are many different styles of carpets available today, including some that have incredible durability and other benefits you may desire for your Hickory, North Carolina home. Here at Carolina Flooring, we watched these technological advances over the past 40 plus years and we find these innovations exciting!

The manufacturing process has continued to bring new products and features to the market, including solution-dyed carpets, PET, which is less costly to manufacture, stain resistance improvements, expanded textures and patterns, reduced dirt-attracting residue, softer results, higher performance, and optimized twist levels for durability.

If you are wondering how all this innovation affects you and your Hickory, North Carolina home, consider that you have more choices than ever, your carpets will be easier to care for and last longer, and they will retain their beauty without fading or matting down. It will be easier to get stains out, too. In addition, there are quality options available at lower costs than you may have noticed just a few years ago. Or, you can get something extra special without as much of an investment as you may have expected.

Our staff is experienced with the options for carpets available and we keep up with new advances as they come out to ensure you always have the best and newest to carpets to choose from. We install them to meet the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure your warranty is in place, and we also give you a one-year warranty on our installation workmanship. Stop by and see what has changed in the world of carpets – we know you’ll be amazed!



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