Laminate Padding, Morganton, NC

We carry durable laminate padding products that will make your flooring all that it should be in Morganton.

Laminate Padding in Morganton, North Carolina
If you have selected laminate flooring for your home and are readying for installation, there is one more important product that you’ll need to consider: your laminate padding. Just like other flooring types, the sublayers under your floor provide an extra layer of insulation and make your flooring more comfortable for everyday use. At Carolina Flooring, we always help our customers in Morganton, North Carolina choose the laminate padding that will provide the most comfort as long as the flooring is in use.

Just like our high-quality flooring choices, we also carry durable laminate padding products that will make your flooring all that it should be. Not only does padding remove any minor imperfections in the subfloor, but it also comes in different thicknesses, which can affect the way your flooring feels underfoot. The most common form of laminate padding is a foam underlayment, which acts as a buffer between the laminate and the subfloor. Adding laminate padding means that your new flooring will be easier on your joints as you stand or walk, have the proper moisture barrier underneath, and prevent any bumps or bubbles that can occur from uneven subfloors.

At Carolina Flooring, we don’t want you to worry about your flooring decisions, and we’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish. If you are looking for new flooring types, have questions about laminate padding, or are looking for custom flooring solutions, contact us today to get started. We provide quality flooring you can stand on.

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