Hardwood Flooring Trends to Watch for in 2018

If you are considering upgrading your home with hardwood flooring, it is likely because you want to keep your home looking its best while preserving and increasing its value. To do that in the best manner possible, it is important to look at trends so that your home will be in demand. This is particularly true if you plan to put it on the market in the next year or two. Here are some hardwood flooring trends experts are anticipating in 2018 that you should consider for your home:

  • Bamboo – There are many reasons why bamboo continues to be a favorite product. Notwithstanding its beauty, it is a renewable source making it environmentally friendly. It provides durability as well, provided you go with a quality product and have it installed properly. One mistake done by DIYers and other inexperienced with this type of flooring is skipping the necessary process of dehumidifying the boards prior to installation.
  • Gray Color Shades – Your first thought when considering hardwood flooring is all the light to dark brown colors. However, gray hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly common. Be sure to take a sample to your home to be sure it will look right with your cabinetry and lighting.
  • Parquet – Another interesting trend is using parquet hardwood flooring to create unique patterns and designs, such as herringbone, chevron or checkerboard, to get a real eye-catching result. Expect the labor to be much higher for this time-consuming installation, but the results will be well worth it.
  • Wider Planks – The narrow plank hardwood flooring options are taking a backseat to wider options. Look for the widest possible to get this unique result. Even foot-wide planks are not beyond the scope of this up and coming flooring trend.
  • Faux Wood – Although not technically hardwood flooring, flooring options that mimic wood are also a growing trend. Consider porcelain planks and luxury vinyl planks for areas where you want the look of wood.