How to Decide on New Carpeting

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast selection of carpeting on the market today. If you’ve decided on carpeting because of its warmth and softness underfoot, your next decision is which one to purchase. Since each type has its own attributes, it is important to consider the type of carpeting, what padding to use, and who will install it.

  • Carpeting Types – You’ll find that carpeting ranges from flat and dense styles, such as a Berber, to plush styles, as well as textured options. Consider what your main goals are. For example, a plush carpet is more comfortable to walk on, but will show footprints and vacuum tracks, which might be undesirable to some people. Berber won’t show those marks and is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas due to its durability. A textured option is in the middle, being softer than Berber but still holding up well, and has the added benefit of masking stains better.
  • Padding Decisions – There are different styles and thicknesses of padding, as well. A thinner padding is usually plenty for a Berber carpet, especially in a low-traffic area. However, a thicker padding is recommended for high-traffic areas, when you want extra plushness, and to extend the life of the carpeting. There are also styles that are water-resistant, which is a great option for homes with pets.
  • Installation Considerations – It might seem like anyone could put down carpeting and get it right, but it really does take experience and dedication to install carpeting so that it looks nice and enjoys a long life. It is also important to note that most carpeting warranties are valid only with professional installation.

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