Tile Flooring Trends for 2018

Putting in tile flooring is the same as any other home renovation. You want to end up with something that looks stylish and increases the value of your home. If you are looking to modernize your home, important information involves the current trends as well as classic favorites. Here are a few of the most popular tile flooring options to consider in 2018 renovations.

  1. Tile that doesn’t look like tile. The tile flooring industry has expanded tremendously in the past decade or so, and at the top of the list is tile that looks like something else. If you love the look of natural stone, but not the price tag, you’ll love tile flooring that mimics stone. If you love hardwood, but need more durability and less overall maintenance, you should look at tile flooring that looks so much like wood that it fools people. You can also find tile flooring that mimics marble, concrete, and even fabric, as well as metallic options.
  2. Unique shapes and sizes. To get the wood appearance, you’ll find tiles that are in both thin and wide planks. Beyond that, there are many large format, hexagon, and other non-traditional shapes and sizes to consider for a spectacular result. Large tiles are all the rage, with 12×24” still in the running and ones as large as 24×48” coming on the scene, as well.
  3. Installation options. Putting in tile flooring in a pattern or using mixed widths is a popular way to get a stunning effect even from a lower-priced tile. Consider a herringbone or chevron pattern or place the tile on a diagonal.
  4. Popular colors. You can’t go wrong whether you go with the cooler spectrum of whites and grays or the warmer side with brown, beige or blonde. However, you can also consider something bold or with a high variation. If you want to stay on the most popular end of the spectrums, consider extremely bright white and “beachy” looks.

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